Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Smoke Tea

 I want to break from the world of style, sequin and shoes. I want to run barefoot and jump from mud puddle to mud puddle my feather headdress slightly askew. I want to live in the woods and sleep beneath the stars.

Come live with me and I'll serve a tea party with Occulter's Black Smoke tea. Traditionally carried by camel across Asia from China to Europe, this tea would arrive with a signature smoky aroma from the fires that the caravans burned for warmth. Today, the organic leaves are smoked over pine needles and yield a distinctive smoky aroma and flavor. A tea boasting to be reminiscent of wood fires, pipe tobacco and peaty scotch. It must be mine. When the world rages around us my warrior lover will brew the their Gunpowder tea. A tea
cultivated in the Pingshui region of northern China’s Zheijiang province, the motherland of gunpowder tea. Come, come, come!

Blau x

Image via We Heart It

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