Friday, November 12, 2010

Northern Soul

"And tell me how could I let go,
Since I caught a glimpse of your immense soul.
You were dancing to northern soul,
Just one glance, and well you know..."
- Peter Doherty

I have recently returned to my first and one great love; dance. I just wish we could have been together in the dance halls of the sixties and seventies, twisting in the Wigan Casino. Northern Soul remains to this day one of the more elusive and least understood dance movement with a style of dance that's as athletic as it is soulful. A scene of raw Motown and surging funk, my kind of place. I want to go all artwank and 'loose myself in the movements'. Sweat on my back, plimsolls on my feet, moving amongst the skinheads, soul boys and Dr. Marten dandies; my wants are simple. For a glimpse into the world of Wigan Casino and northern soul check out this video.

Blau x


  1. Cool pic.
    lol @ my wants are simple. x

  2. Looks like fun.. I wanna boogie the night away now!

  3. Crikey, you are the bees knees, B.
    If there was ever a blogger who would write the immortal words 'Wigan Casino' tis you.
    I'd be right there beside you you know. Dancing.