Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interview with Jennifer Foley

Cork model and UCC student, Jennifer Foley, represented in the south by Lockdown Management, 1st Options in Dublin and IMG in Europe and  Ford Models, Paris gives as an nonest insight into the world of modelling. Being a former winner of Cork’s Next Top Model in association with Assets Model Agency, a contestant on RTE’s ‘The Model Agent’ and having been bestowed the prestigious honour of featuring in Vogue’s New Faces for 2010 this comes as no surprise.

What first attacted you to modeling?
Thought it might justify why I was taller than 80% of the guys in my year at school!

How would you rate the Irish fashion industry?
I think the Irish fashion industry is highly under rated and it’s great to see new designers, stylists and models making such a great impression on international scene

How do you balance castings, working and college?
It’s tough but I just have to plan things in advance. As soon as I get any assingments in college I try to get them done and out of the way asap. Also when I have to travel for castings or a job I bring my college work with me as there can be a lot of waiting around.

If you could be on the cover of any magazine which would it be?
It would have to be Dazed and Confused or i-D. They are my favourite magazines and all my favourite models have done amazing covers for those magazines.

Do you think the Irish modeling industry puts too much emphasis on photocall modeling and bikinis? 
No I dont think It does. I think people have to understand that there is two seperate markets in the Irish modelling industry.T here is high fashion and commercial. There is work for both type of models and It annoys me when people are nasty about girls who do photo calls. They are beautiful girls just earning a living like the rest of us.

Do you think shows like The Model Agent and The Model Scouts will serve as a catalyst within the industry?
I think they are great shows and great platforms for aspiring models. They show the industry how it is (good and bad sides). I think they are alot more realistic than the ‘Top Model’ series and it’s nice to see the positive repsonse both series have gotten.

What was the most valuable thing you learned from The Model Agent?
I learned that I needed to be more independent.

What advice would you give aspiring models? 
All legit agencys only need to see basic polaroids of someone when you are looking to be signed. You don’t need to fork out hundreds of euros for a fancy shoot. Also if you don’t get a job/show don’t take it to heart as every client likes something different!

Many thanks to Jennifer and wishing her every success,
Blau von T

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  1. I only watched an episode of The Model Scouts today and I was very impressed, considering its RTE. Jennifer is gorgeous and I can really see her going places with her distinctive Irish features. I'm getting the two programmes confused but I did watch The Model Agent when it was on tv a few years ago.