Thursday, December 16, 2010

Villagers' Memoir

Last night I hit Savoy, Cork to see one of my favourite bands, Villagers. Perhaps my fifth time seeing the band play live and I was yet again left completely mesmerized. Front man of the group is Conor J O'Brien, he of former Irish bands such as The Subterraneans, The Immediate and he who has been hailed spellbinding talent. From the moment he plucked the first chord a goosebumps quietness befell the sold out crowd. Speaking on the Villagers first album O'Brien states; "I wanted to make it sound like a whisper in your ear" and that is exactly what he creates each and every time one of his songs is played as a wave of intimate pain and sincerity washes over you. One of the new songs that I heard last night is Memoir that stands as a perfect example of the tender melancholy and bitter romanticism Conor creates and performs with heart-wrenching emotion.

For anyone who has yet to check out the saviour of the Irish music scene, do so now!
Blau x

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  1. Ah, he played Glasgow last week and I did so want to see, but guess where i was... Ireland. Jeez!