Monday, January 17, 2011

Soup's Up

So given that its January, time of all things clean and healthy, I've been souping it up at home. I've always been slightly intimidated by the idea of souping from scratch, but given the amount of time I've spent studying noodle soup in my local vientnamese, I realised its far simpler then meets the eye, and pretty much open to interpretation.

Try this one
Fry garlic, ginger and spices with oil, adding a little water to make a paste if they start to stick. Add stock, nam pla, lime juice, red chilli and coconut cream. Bring to a gentle boil.Add noodles to stock, cook for a further 4 minutes.Divide the prepared vegetables between two bowls. Top with broth and noodles. Add lime wedge to broth and serve.

Now, unfortunatly, in my house we are not ones for measureing things, prefering the 'pinch of this', 'splash of that' rule. But that way, you get to really personalise it for your own taste, and learn about what you're cooking.

They are usually low fat, packed with vitimins and easy to make. Plus you get to sing the Soup Crimp from The Mighty Boosh. Get involved.

Soup, Soup - a tasty soup, soup
A spicy carrot and coriander, chili chowder!
Crouton, crouton - crunchy bread in a liqid broth
I am gaspachio - uh! I am a summersoup - mm!
Miso, miso - fighting in the Dojo
Miso, miso - oriental prince in t
he land of soup!

Ezzie x

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