Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Birthday Suit

The lovely Abigail of Russell Styling introduced me the the following label..and I blame her for the emptying of my purse. The Birthday Suit serves as a treasure trove for the matryoshka doll fanatic!

"The first Birthday Suit collection was based around the classic Matryoshka doll. “Our initial idea was to take an iconic figure, such as the Russian nesting doll, and make it our own by adding a modern twist” - Katarina Potencova. The Suit Collection was used to build up the brand and will always be considered the collection that launched and shaped The Birthday Suit. The contrast and controversy of tradition versus new age creates a powerful image. This powerful image is something that will definitely remain the girls’ iconic, predominant subject even through their various journeys and exploration of other forms of expression through other collections."

Blau von's Tee

Also I think I've found my perfect tattoo design!
Blau x

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