Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Essential Shoe Capsule

Every girl knows the wardrobe essentials such as the LBD and the classic white shirt but what about the shoes 'must haves'. I've working hard on my shoe rack staples the past few months and this is what I've come to think a girl needs, or at least what I need...

100 pairs Primark pumps (one in every colour)
1 pair black open toe heel
1 pair black plain kitten heel
1 pair black riding boot
1 pair black brogue
1 pair black ankle boot
1 pair neutral ankle boot
1 pair tan loafers
1 pair silver diamante strappy sandal
1 pair nude Mary Janes
1 pair red heels
1 pair navy heels

I'm currently as far down the list as the nude Mary Janes with a recent purchase from Kurt Geiger....

What do think makes for essential shoe wear?
Blau x


  1. Hmmmm
    i have a massive amount of shoes as i used to work in a funky shoe shop- if i wrote a list i think i would take up a whole post page : But... if i was asked to write down what shoes could i not live without and could only ever own this is what it would be.... aha ahem....
    1-tan boots
    1-black flat ankle boot
    1-black tall boot
    1-brown ankle boot
    1-tossle fringe ankle boot
    1-pair of nude heel
    1-pair black heel
    1-black pomps
    1-strappy diamante
    1-vintage boots
    1-gold nike trainers
    1-black chucks
    1-high heel ankle boots
    1-brown tall cowboy boots
    1-navy shoes

    That was so hard to stop : )
    That would make me happy i think : )

    sinead (FH) stylediaries

  2. Haha, that's great. I'm going to have a little think about this and get back with mine!