Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Hostess Answers

Why did you create your blog?
Blau; Growing up I used to keep all these little scrap books and stick in pictures from magazines and they these became my personal little style bibles, and well I guess I use the blog to do the same; but more sophisticated and Eco friendly.
Ezara; Its a wonderful way to light a fire under your bum and get thinking about the world. Being a blogger makes you think about things differently and that's what The Hostess Handbook is all about -knowing stuff. All kinds of stuff. The sharing of knowledge, tit bits of fun and our quirky humour.

What kind of blogs do you follow?
Blau; I use blogs as a distraction and time-out from my hectic day so I'm attracted to photography based blogs full of pretty things or funny stories, a portal to another world or a nose into somebody else's life. It's funny how the blogosphere changes for one when you actually start your own blog and befriend other bloggers; they're a very embracing lot.
Ezara; I like fashion blogs that aren't too serious. My favourites are
What Katie Wore and LATFH. I find both hilarious. I love Bip Ling. She's just so cute and I like to see what she's up to. She seems to have this amazing life. I also like beauty blog Beauty Maze for a bit of beauty advice.

Favourite make-up brand?
Blau; I'm not really into make-up on a day-to-day basis I'd much rather the extra few minutes in bed before heading to college. When I do make the effort I tend to head to Benefit or MAC. One of my good friends used to be a Bene-babe so I learnt all I know about cosmetics from her as I stopped by the counter for a quick tutorial or two. I have my basics down and can 'put on my face' in an impressive 6mins (that last minute covers putting on lip gloss, wiping it off and trying again). That reminds me Topshop's lip gloss in Iced Coffee is a must! My default eye look is a smokey brown with a thick lined flick, on a 'special occasion' I'll go for smokey grey/black. I like the smokey look.
Ezara; MAC. Its a classic, but they get it right. The best thing about the brand is the layout of the shop.It makes for easy shopping. Plus their staff are so well informed.

Your indispensable make-up product?
Blau; I'm currently addicted to my MAC brow pencil.My resolution for 2011 is to be a well groomed lady who can experiment with eyeshadow. I love you 'vintage brows'.
Ezara; Blusher. The colour changes depending on the season, but I feel naked without it and red lippie.

Favorite clothing brand?
Blau; Topshop steals my purse, Urban Outfitters steals my heart. One day I'll have a wardrobe full of Chloe and Celine.
Ezara; American Apparel. I love their brand values and how each item can genuinely look different on everybody. I also love unisex clothes.

Your favourite colour?
Blau; Blue. Well, Blau is German for blue.
Ezara; Gold.

Your perfume?
Blau; My first signature scent was 'Truth' by Calvin Klein, followed by Valentino's 'Rock'n'Rose' and currently spritzing 'Flora' by Gucci.
Ezara; At the moment, Vera Wang.

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