Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playful Promises

Created in 2004 by Emma Parker 'Playful Promises' is a London designed lingerie brand which mixes playful flirty ideas with quirky and directional design. Offering everything from garters to shoes this is a one stop love-in. Founded by Ms Parker a self proclaimed 'excitable eccentric' you can be sure to find plenty of pinup inspired and lust inducing garments of mass seduction and with a motto like this no wonder us Hostesses love them so....

"Playful Promises is for sassy fashionable girls, who like to say ‘I did it my way’ (preferably loudly firstly to the Frank Sinatra version followed by the Sex Pistols), but who are confident enough to not take themselves too seriously and know that life is there to be lived."

I think I'm just gonna have to purchase these briefs, I can never resist a Russian doll,
Blau x

Images via Playful Promises

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