Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Blau Met Aiden Grimshaw

I shall begin by coming out of my X-Factor closet and admit that I have been a fan of Aiden Grimshaw right from his first audition. I may even have thrown a little tantrum when he was voted out and I did yes boycott the show in protest for a few weeks but I missed Rebecca Fergusonand returned to the couch for Saturday night viewing. So Cork Student News were only delighted to send me along and review his Cork gig, perks of the job. When the man himself took to stage well I can begin to understand what Beatlemania felt like. A sea of excited ladies screamed to place down as the Ace Ventura flicked fellow stood before us mic in hand. We were treated to a collection of Aiden’s favourite songs and those he sand on the Xfactor. He sang live and he sang with his eyes as seemed almost transfixed by his own emotions. I got to meet Aiden after the show, complete with a peck on the cheek, and he told me that of the four Irish dates he had just played in Ireland that had been by far the best. I really hope Aiden’s fame lasts for more then fifteen minutes as he really is a magnificent artist and not at all as intense as they judges made out. In short, that Aiden Grimshaws's a lovely boy and if anyones interested he was wearing robot boxers.

Blau x