Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet, for your cheeks

Things That Inspire

Having an other half who's ceoliac means we have been left behind in the cupcake trends. Until we stumbled upon Sweetcheeks, who have a weekly stall at Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane. Not only are they beautiful, they are, unlike alot of gluten free baking, really really yummy. Like all who eat wheat free, when you get your hands on something good, it's the most exciting thing ever and the girls on the stand were just as enthusiastic. Which was nice.
Check 'em out.

Ezzie x

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  1. Gluten free is a big thing over here. My mom was in coeliac heaven when she came to visit. I think her favourite was the burger joint where she could eat everything (Grill'd, it's amazing) and the dodgy little pizza place in a sidestreet in Manly in Sydney where they did gluten free pizzas. She hasn't had anything like that sort of food for 15 years!