Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lover. A Dance for One.

Australian brand Lover is known for it's gorgeous quality. Started by creative couple Susien Chong and Nic Briand in 2001, they somehow know the secret to creating mind blowing styles that are still simple, timeless and wearable. The label has risen to prominence in Australia and internationally, developing a cult and celebrity following. Lover's look embodies "romance, drama and a touch of rock'n'roll swagger"

When asked to explain who or what is Lover, the couple reply; "We started the label based on what we loved and admired, in turn we've created our own world with a mix and match of our favourite heroes, muses, films and songs. We've found Lover ladies all over the world who share a similar vision who have re-interpreted the garments in their way, and for us that's perfect." Available from Bona Drag.

Clean and simple.

That dress on the bottom right, that's going to be my wedding dress.
Blau x

Images via Bona Drag


  1. ooohhh these are lovely .... i love clean and simple too.... speaks volumes without saying a word : ) x

  2. This underwear is just stunning! So sexy and feminine!

  3. Sp pretty I want the underwear and your future wedding dress is amazing!!!!!!!!

  4. that dress is absolutely stunning! LOVING the classy!

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