Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot Press Jägermeister Freezer Sessions

Dead School.
One of the freshest bands on the Irish scene, Cork based Dead School are a four piece alternative rock band that is creating a stir on the local scene. Dead School was formed in August and comprises of Donal McDonald (vocals/percussion), James McDonald (guitar/drums /vocals), Cathal Maher (guitar/drums /keys) and Ruairi Dale (bass). Having spent an intense few months holed up in various flats and practice rooms writing songs and honing their sound they are proving themselves as genuine talent. Speaking about the night Donal McDonald had the following words to say "heaviosity reigned,  Jägermeister flowed, the crowd sweated."

Bipolar Empire and The Shoos.
 Bipolar Empire;Their stylistic folk infused rock’n’roll, delivered with genuine raw passion and boundless energy, began to draw the attention of young music connoisseurs and as the live shows developed into a tighter, more intense experience, so the Bipolar Empire fanbase began to blossom.

The Shoos;“I had a solo thing going on but my guitar-playing was terrible so I asked Barry to come and do a gig with me,” explains Texas, The Shoos’ lead singer who’s blessed with a full-bodied blues growl redolent of both Joe Cocker and John Fogarty in his Creedence Clearwater Revival prime. "Then another friend of ours, Steve, joined in on bass, which made his brother Scott feel left out so in order to be in the band he learned the drums! People assume there was a masterplan, but it was just pure luck that we got together and realised, ‘hey, something special’s going on here!"Collective identity settled on – “Scott has a bit of a stiletto fetish and we also liked the fact that ‘shoo’ is another way of saying ‘clear off’”, adds Texas.

Fight Like Apes.
 The great misfit band Fight Like Apes tore The Pavillion  to pieces with their energetic and feisty performance. MayKay is one of two of the more gregarious members of the band, the other being Jamie “Pockets” Fox. Their set was punctuated with battles and crowd surfing and the stage decorated with a mannequin presented to the band earlier that day by Galway man Richard Russell.

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Photography by Blau von T

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