Thursday, July 21, 2011


Lovebox has become somewhat of a symbol of Summer in London these days. An easy to go to festival (only up the road, in Victoria Park) that is attracting very interesting performers (previous acts include N*E*R*D, The Flaming Lips and Gary Newman) It started in 2002 as a club festival in 93 Feet East and has since grown to a 3 day out door festival.

Since my first Summer here, Facebook friends have flaunted in my face images of beautiful people all wearing cool clothes and seeing great bands, while the Summer sun embraced them. So when given the opportunity to go this year, I grabbed it. Booked my Sunday ticket. Yippee!!

Only one problem: it was raining. Lashing actually. For.three.days. Was that going to dampen the Lovebox spirit? I have no idea, like I said, it was my first time going.

So Sunday morning arrives and I make a frantic rush around Shoreditch to buy wellies, however given it was day 3 of this rain, most were sold out, or getting a little too steeply priced for something I wanted to cover in mud. Finally finding some and off we went to meet a group of beautiful people in awesome clothes who were willing to overcome this hazey weather and get out of their (Love) box.

Highlights included Kelis, in a Flea from RHCP-esque skeleton suit, The Scissor Sisters and all the amazing DJs and dance areas. And then there was 2Many DJs who we don't even need to talk about or I may cry at how amazing that experience was.

Ezzie x

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