Monday, September 19, 2011

The Back to School Post

You may have noticed I haven't been about of late. Like everyone, I've had an incredibly busy Summer. But I'm back now and really looking forward to getting back in to posting. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to:

Spending as much time as I can in Dishoom, a super sweet pop up bar on the Southbank. Aside from the Gola cocktails and kulfi, its one of my favourite interiors in London at moment and since its here for a good time, and not for a long time, I've been spending as much time there as possible so I take take mental photos of the cool designs and put them in my future abode. It's also where you will find this awesome clock.

This Summer marked the end of my bridesmaid career. I was part of the bridal party for my wonderful cousin Emer's wedding in Cork. It was my forth time being bridesmaid, so I reckon I'm fairly good at this point. However, this is my last pro bono event. Got to capitalise on your skills, like.
I've taken on a new all consuming role at THE CHAPEL. Its been amazing. This photo was taken recently as Redkens Tribe where one of our amazing team was in the final. If you're interested, check out our blog where I've been doing a lot of posting too.

Ezzie x

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