Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When I'm not  reclining the luxury of my converted carriage I shall holiday in my own private tree-pi. That being a primally darling tipi-esque hut high up in the trees where I can go huckleberry picking in the summer and chanterelle mushroom hunting in the fall. If I can't build my own then Cedar Creek Treehouse shall be my first stop. "Imagine waking up to the music of a mountain stream flowing by your cabin -- except that your cabin is 50 feet up in a giant cedar tree with a view seen only by the birds.You're living in the tree canopies of a lush evergreen forest. You can see for miles. A great blue heron glides silently over the rushing creek far below. The sun splashes through a skylight and illuminates a mammoth tree trunk growing straight up through the floor of your two story treehouse and disappearing through the ceiling." Doesn't it sound dreamy?

Blau x

Image from Studded Youth