Monday, October 3, 2011

Hostess Hero; Vidal Sassoon

I watched Vidal Sassoon, The Movie yesterday and it reaffirmed what we already knew on a massive scale; this man created the back bone of the hairdressing interview. Every stylist I've ever met has cited him as an inspiration and if you stop in the street pretty much anywhere in the world, they'll know his name. He created some the most influential hair cuts that people still ask for today, including the bob and the five point cut. He was paid $5000 to cut Mia Farrow hair for Rosemary's Baby.

I was lucky enough to watch Annie Humphries, who was his colourist for years, speak about her experience working with him- from the moment she began her training. She spoke about being sent home if you weren't appropriately  dressed and if you were late, you were not allowed to work. These standards set the bar for the brand that was to take over the world and industry.

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