Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Cuppa A Day...

Organic Herbal & Medical Tea's; tea blends for health, nourishment and recuperation. These delicious tea's serve to not only help restore your own personal health, but they are exceptionally good for the environment when added to compost pile or to your plants! Check out some of the wonderful and medicianl teas from Garden of Cures such as; Organic Hoorah Hyssop - Chest Decongestant Tea, Organic "Ease 'n' Cheer" Pain Relieving Tea Formula, Organic Cats Claw "RESILIANCE" Immune Decoction Tea, Organic " Liven Up Liver" Cleanse Formula, Organic Holy Basil & Spices Tea - For Colds or Organic "No Pressure" Tea for High Blood Pressure.

Grab a teapot, a caffetiere or your tea making equipment of choice.
Scoop 1 -2 teaspoons of herbal tea leaves, roots, seeds or flowers for you and the same for each of your friends into a pot and add boiling water.
3 cup tea pot = 3 / 6 teaspoons of herbal tea.
Let the tea infuse for 15 minutes.
Simply pour the brewed tea into cups and serve.
Breathe, sip your tea and relax

Blau x

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