Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goodnight, Bordello

I am absolutely gutted to hear that luxury undies shop Bordello is closing down. Bordello always attracted me to the shop because of their amazing layout and window display, giving it more of a boudoir feel then a boutique. Their furnishings alone were to die for and their staff always looked really slick. This, along with the fact that they regularly had in store events, made the place a destination. So you see why I'm sad to see it go.

Then I thought to myself; I've never actually bought anything there.......mostly due to the fact that I used to pass Bordello on my way to work, when one is not in the most lingerie buying mood. Also because of the prices. They were pretty astronomical. I always presumed that people who shopped there were fancy high paid flirty 30's and somewhere in my psyche I thought that soon, I might join them. Realistically, I think I was just like everyone else. Admiring from afar, thinking someone else was buying it.

Everything's on sale now, so it's yours for the picking and you can buy them online here. Here are some of my favourite pieces.
1950's Mink Stole- £225 now £157.50

Piaf Bow Knickers- £145 now £72.50

China Butterfly fan- £ 75 now £49
The Gils Elvgren Pin Up Calender by Taschen -£15 now £7.50
Red Striped Nauti Nautical- £159 now 94.50

 Ezzie x


  1. I had the same thought process. Did you see a POD was opening up there instead?! Sad.

  2. I know! I saw that too....its a shame as it's such a lovely building. Such is Shoreditch these days :(