Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lollipops Bloggers Preview

I swanned off to the Lollipops Bloggers Preview on Thursday last, a lovely way to round up an epic week of events and lunches. As a Shoreditch resident, I had spotted this shop and not been particularly attracted to much except their neon Lollipops sign in the window, which, knowing nothing about the brand, meant nothing to me.
On invitation to the event, I did a little research on Lollipops via their website. It was French and a little too fussy for me, if honest, so I resigned myself to low expectations of the boutique.

On arrival I was greeted and handed a drink in a marvellous plastic pink chalice that allowed me to feel about 7 and at a princess party, in the nicest way possible. A table of treats too fancy to touch lay in the centre (I did eventually touch them, and eat some and they were yummy). 

So off I go on a little nosey round. Nice I think. Well laid out. Well presented. Pretty  shoes sat on stunning leather briefcases. Wait- they are for sale too? "Cool", I think. I swan about taking photos. The more I take, the more I look at their attention to detail. I start to realise I really like this shop. And more importantly, I really like the stuff. 

The necessary Umbrella Wall
Loving the little Mushroom Stools

These three go together, yes? 

Loving the exposed bricks

Very much on my Wish List

A very feminine Summer Line

My wardrobe looks exactly like this....ahem

To sum up, yes. Yes it was lovely. Yes I was plesently surprised. Yes I left with my eyes on a pair of flats (see above) and my name on a stunning lace dress. And yes, I will be back. 

Ez x

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