Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black & White

I know this video is fifteen minutes long but it most definitely worth a watch. Its serves as an arresting example of Jiri Kylian's style and fully justifies his reputation as one of the most inventive and daring choreographers on today's dance world. Much of his work is  set to musical rhythms and patterns mixed in a synthesizer to produce a layered effect in some sections; the result of this a more energetic, sometimes frenzied sound that the dancers match in a very physical dance. This dance stands as a prime example of how ballet and modern dance can intertwine to creative a masterpiece of elegant and contemporary beauty. Set to a simple and  an almost tribally raw beat the choreography is both mesmerising and haunting, it's rhythm and symmetry acting as powerful and captivating forces on the audience.

Blau x

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  1. I love the video clip, always loved a modern ballet jazz... thank you for sharing! x Marina