Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Lust; Organic Argan Oil

Used for centuries by the people of Morocco, Argan Oil is a luxurious and versatile oil produced from the nuts of the rare Argan Tree. Argan Oil is rich in essential vitamins, especially Vitamin E, and essential unsaturated fatty acids and registered with the Vegan Society. The best part is that this is a multitasking product that can be used on your skin, nails and hair, saving room in tour beauty bag and leaving money in your purse!

Perfect for repairing and fortifying your nails:
My hands and nails get an awful time given the number of times a day I have to wash my hands with alcohol gel in the hospital so this is a great rescue remedy to come home to.
  • Gently rub a very small amount of Argan Oil into the hands and nail cuticles before going to bed.
  • For nails, you can mix Argan Oil with an equal amount of lemon juice, dip your nails into the mixture, and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse with warm water and towel dry.
  • Repeat this Argan Oil for Nails treatment weekly

Does your skin need some attention too?
Then luckily pure Argan Oil is light and easily absorbed and is a great natural moisturiser.
Gently massage a very small amount of Argan Oil into your body after a shower or a bath, to help retain moisture. You can help yourself to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Don't forget to treat your hair...
Argan Oil is used for dry hair, damaged hair and frizzy hair. I have naturally curly hair that tends to be dry and with the current humidity it tends be be slighlty untamable. This product was a weekend wonder and has my barnet set ready and banish any Monday blues.
  • Simply apply a small amount of pure Argan Oil to wet hair after showering or bathing and comb it through with your fingers.
  • If, like me, you have dry hair, you can leave the Argan Oil in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. If you have extra dry hair, you can leave the Argan Oil in your hair overnight.
  • Wash out the Argan Oil from your hair with a gentle shampoo, followed by conditioner.

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  1. Good review seems like a good product for me :)

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  2. Great review, definitely going to try it!
    Love your blog!

  3. Thanks share useful information about argan oil.

  4. Oh I just discovered this stuff! My hair is so crispy and fragile from years of henna abuse and this stuff works like magic for frizz! Btw, did you make it to theprohibition party last night?


    1. Oh, I also don't wash my argan out, I rub a small bit on when I've just washed and conditioned my hair and I also top it up throughout the day if my hair starts drying out or going frizzy, kinda like a serum.

  5. ive never thought to use argan oil on my skin! i just always thought it was for hair!! thanks for the top tips! x

  6. Good review seems like a good product for me :)