Friday, April 5, 2013

Product Lust- SUTI Purity Organic Moisturising Balm

This little beauty was dropped through my letterbox as she had heard its good for the skin going though Chemo. 
I honestly felt I couldn't review it during, it only after you start to appreciate the nice things again. 
And SuTi Purity Organic Moisturising Balm is nice. 

The packaging is simple and clean, it suits the product immensely.
The texture has little grains in it, which makes it feel a bit weird.  I really couldn't imagine putting make up on over it, so its strictly for my work from home days, or days off.

These issues aside, its a lovely product, it reminds me of a more natural (and nicer smelling!) Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Creme. A little goes a long way- I've had this about 6 months!

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