Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moving house is hard to do

Who's been a naughty blogger then?
That would be me! 
4 months since i last blogged. Im just the worst.
Recently my brain has been completely self absorbed with my own self absorbed problems. If its not trying to book, sort and save for my wedding, it was deciding to move and doing so in a month. That included gutting my flat, dumping books, paperwork and (sniff) clothes. Most went to charity. Particularly the Lymphoma Society. I'm sitting here now and what has been my home for 5 years and 8 months is looking pretty bare. When we moved here first, we had nothing, two forks, a spoon and a knife, which we used to take turn using. Everything in this flat, we own, which I am very proud of. This flat was where we had career changes, where I got my dream job, where I got engaged, where I fought cancer. It was where I learned that boys leave there socks everywhere and my other half learned that I always need more make up. Where we laughed, cried, worried and excelled at being us. 
And now the time has arrived to for us to get better.

With moving, I see a better quality of life. I'm too old for Brick Lane. 28 is too old for Brick Lane, when the average age is 20, and the average persons hobby is doing balloons in side streets that stink of pee. No thank you. I want dinner parties and brunches. I want to bake and exercise. I want to sleep through the night. So here we come Forest Hill! 

Whats scary about moving to a new area? Lots. The huge hike in rent is one thing. Not knowing the area... lots. But not much of this is scaring me at the moment. I don't think I've ever been so ready. 

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