Thursday, June 5, 2014

I've just joined a Gym....Now what?

Last night I joined a Gym. A proper one, unlike my one last year that was really cheap, a bit rough, and you could very easily wimp out. Plus they had one of those vibration plates, so you think 40 minutes, 20 spent standing wobbling, is a decent work out.
My fat ass disagrees.

So off i went. I was met by a guy with the biggest arms I've ever seen. He was almost cartoony. I was immediately intimidated, but thought "feck it. Im here now". He spoke through their "philosophy" which is basically they want results, which you get by going, and if you don't go, they will come and get you (his actual words). I have no idea why this put me at ease.

Until I realised I am one lazy mo fo and I'm going to need one hell of a push to do this. 

I'm 28. Yes I have an under active thyroid, which means you are hungry all the time, have no energy, a very low metabolism and once in a while/week, you feel like you are worthless. Its kinda like having PMS. All.The.Time. But is that an excuse? No.

I have a full time job which takes up all my time. Except for mornings and evenings. So is that an excuse? No

I have a hubby to be, who I want to spend time with. Is sitting on opposite couches watching the same episode of The Big Bang Theory while we both use our phones quality time? Is that a good excuse? NO!

All in all, I'm the queen of procrastination. And its pathetic.

So I handed over my money and made my first appointment to get weighed and measured. Now I just have to avoid getting dragged out in my PJs when I don't go 3 times a week...

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