Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Man Trend; Movember

So, its Movember, the month formerly known as November, now owned by bro's showing solidarity to mens health, most prominantly prostate cancer. I love Movember. I wanted to post this now that all the 'taches are in their full glory and you can have a little peek around and notice. Such a noble cause, such a masculine statement. For some reason, the ability to grow hair on your face is the ultimate moment of glory- you're a dude, you walk in to a bar, other men notice your face, you are THE man.
Here are some of my favourites for all to try:
The "Tom Selleck "
Pretty much the ideal moustache. And he knows it.
The"Hipster Hitler"

Controversial, no?

The "Salvidor Dali" No better way to show the crazy!

The "Mrs Doyle"For the ladies who want to support!

To donate, go here x

Images via Tom Selleck.com , Hipster Hitler, Daily Gallery and the Daily Spud


  1. Ah my "Mrs Doyle" is coming along nicely thank you x

  2. I'll always love you Stud Selleck x