Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Me at the Station

Movies, romantic scenes, what does it for you? I'll pass on the clichéd dash to the airport and last minute pleads and declarations of love; not my scene. I won't be on the plane darling, come meet me off the train instead.

I don't care for airports; too busy, too loud, too sterile and safe for my tastes. I prefer the little train stations, the worn out seats, the slight wobble from side to side and if you listen closely the wheels hit the tracks in an almost heartbeat rhythm; possibility comes alive and a smile flickers across my face. There was a year in my life when I spent nearly every weekend up and down on the train; how I loved it. View from a plane; eh sky, white fluffy bits and the odd scenery type thing. View from a train; life in all seasons, life in all its glory. The old fashion romance, the vintage allure, the handsome stranger in the sleeper carriage, the manly arms waiting to life you down from the carriage steps; I want it all. For the men out there what compares to the sight of your lady glancing at you through the billows of stream on the platform; nothing. Who can’t recall the sight of Marilyn Monroe wriggling down the platform in Some Like It Hot, as Audrey Hepburn returns home unrecognisable from Paris in Sabrina, or Sienna Miller’s seduction in The Edge of Love, Penelope Cruz in Nine, Meryl Streep in Out of Africa, the steamy encounter in North by Northwest, the playful scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Why would you ever want to travel any other way? I’ll leave you now with one of my more modern favourites, the Casino Royale train scene.
Blau x

Image via We Heart It


  1. Trains...poof, smelly, slow...not for me.
    I imagine myself stepping off the plane...dark glasses, super expensive scarf wrapped and tied every so stylishly around my the lightbulb flashes of the paparazzi. Sigh....
    Is it a prerequisite that if you are Irish, you have to be a movie/tv series/tv and movie schedule boffin?
    Between yourself, Hermia and Red could take on the entertainment world and rule!
    Great opening post...looking forward to more :-)))

  2. love the video... Eva Green is fabulous. I find trains glam in an old school "Orient Express" kinda way.xx

  3. this is beautiful...and i so agree x :)

  4. Gorgeous first post! I like Ingrid's idea, what say you Blau and Hermia - a three pronged assault on the entertainment world? :)

  5. Love it, I've found out how to subscribe so I'll be reading ALL your posts!xx

  6. Love! Trains all the way!

  7. I'm definitely a train girl, not just for the fact that its closer to the ground (nursing a fear of flying here) but there's something romantic about a train, especially old ones. Something magical and exciting, which planes just don't do for me. All we need now is a duty free at train stations and the word airport will be defunct in my world!

    Good opening post x