Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome Note.

Welcome to The Hostess Handbook; a parlour of delicate beauty, a lounge of wit and the obscure, a kitchen of the kitsch and all things tempting. Hoping to be your quirky guide to modern life we three aim to be your kitchen confidant, your dinner party delight and your favourite nightcap. We will cater for your every taste; baking, crafting, style, film, music and the arts.

Who are we?
Blau von T; the lovechild of a wolf and a unicorn. A modern mistress of style and fragile whimsy. Blau will beckon you into her obscure world of music, style and film.
Eliza J; the cutest kitchen mistress to tie an apron and can regularly be seen flashing her smile and selling her yumtastic goods at weekend markets.
Ez; a Cork born London lover who can't get enough coffee in the morning. A lady with a vintage heart and a saucy laugh, may her love of all things quirky endear your every day.

Launching November 8th!!!

The Hostesses x