Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Key Hair Looks- SS11

The Low Bun

The Top Knot gone grown up. We've matured from the masses of hair on top of the crown (a look I loved by the way) and now its just moved lower. With the arrival of The Black Swan, I'm really not surprised to see this. Ballet fans keep it slick, messy bettys will backcomb the hell out of it.

The Temple Weave

This finger weave has taken off big time. Weather softer and a little imperfect, or sprayed and Kirby gripped, it makes one hell of an impact. For a how to, try here

    Sleek Partings


Everyone seems to be growing out their fringe at the moment. Sleek partings make soft florals and peachy make up strong.

70's Accessories

The 70's vibe was all over this season. So our heads are going to be adorned with scarves and floppy hats. Not a giant flower to be seen- thank goodness.

No Blow Drys

Gone are the "set" look famed by Miss Cole(- or is it Tweedy?I 'm so uncool) And a more textured, free look seems to be wandering about. I recommend some Woolshake from Redken, stat.

Ezzie x

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