Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview with Cillian O'Connor

When one needs to keep up with the world of mens fashion Male should be your first stop. From fashion musings to stylish wit Cillian O’Connor provides it all.

What first attracted you to the world of blogging?
I was living back home in rural Wexford with little to no access to any kind of fashion community, so I went online and discovered a discussion between people from all the over the world that I knew I had to join. Also, a blog, for me, meant regular writing practice so it functioned as a kind of portfolio/scrapbook at first.

How, in your eyes, has the fashion blogging scene changed in the past year?
It’s become a lot more respected by traditional press and businesses with several top fashion bloggers aiding in the evolution of the term ‘blogging’ from a nerdy hobby to a steady career.

How would you rate the Irish fashion industry?
It fights hard with limited resources. There is a wealth of talent in the country but sadly, due to a lack of funding and relevant markets, gifted designers find they have to move abroad to pursue their career. Still, the public’s interest in fashion has grown immensely and more and more young people are doing it for themselves (blogs, labels etc.) rather than bowing to the Irish fashion establishment.

Do you feel that fashion is still capable of shocking conventional society or has it all been done already?
I really don’t know; in parts of Ireland, yes, I think a lot of the population are still v. innocent when it comes to fashion and haven’t been exposed to much of what e.g. Dubliners or Corkonians might be familiar with. On an international level, though, it’s really all been done and I don’t mean that in an apathetic sense, but rather that it takes a LOT for most people to be genuinely taken aback by the audacity of an outfit.

What has been your own blogging career highlight thus far?
Probably seeing some of my favourite designers show in London e.g. Carolyn Massey and James Long, and/or being featured in The Times recently.

Who are your own fashion icons or inspirational heroes?
I tend to be quite fickle so I don’t have set sources of inspiration but fictional characters e.g. (Querelle from Jean Genet’s novel of the same name) and certain fashion personalities e.g. Prince Pelayo always provide something for me to think about style-wise.

Which item in your wardrobe best reflects your personality?
Tough one but I’d say my Bench canvas and leather boots. They’re not brash but, at the same time, don’t shy away from making a statement.

Parting advice for the men of Ireland….
Learn to love dressing yourself. No matter what anyone says, it’s one of the key ways in which you communicate with others, and you don’t want words put in your mouth.

Thanks to Cillian allowing us such an interesting insight!

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  1. great interview.. I really agree about how many irish people can be quiet easily taken aback by some peoples fashion sense xx