Wednesday, March 16, 2011


These are my friends shoes. She can't walk very fast in 'em, she can't walk very far. And she complains when she wears them. Alot.
When Blau posted The Essential Shoe Capsule, it got me thinking about my poor choice of shoe. I'm great at buying killer heels, terrible at buying anything sensible. The heels gather dust on the shoe rack while the booties wear holes. Literally holes. I regularly have to check the weather to chose a shoe.
So as part one of my selfish act, I'm gonna wear more heels. Prepare to see more of 'em! Lucky I'm going to Shoreditch House for a Pedicure on Saturday!

Ezzie xx

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  1. I'm also great at buying killer heels ! I just got a new pair and I suppose that I won't wear them... but yes I had a reason ... someone has to help the economy ! :)