Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Have The Best Easter Ever


1. Wake up covered in glitter after spending most of the evening dancing on a table. Get an Iron Bru, secret hangover cure which should only be employed at the most desperate of times.

2. Stumble to Cowshed at Shoreditch House on the most glorious of days for the Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure. Feet are soaked and scrubbed and rubbed with a drill (yes- a DRILL!) until they feel like the feet of a thousand hours of dancing away. Complete this with a head and shoulder massage and varnish. This morning I went for a yummy coral.

3. Breakfast time. I love going out for breakfast. It is the single most lovely thing in the world. This morning I went to The Breakfast Club for a massive breakfast burrito served by happy hipsters.

4. Come home to find the Easter Bunny had been to my flat in my absence, eggs popping up everywhere!

5. Naptime, followed by a beautiful lamb dinner, cooked with love x

I hope you all had as nice an Easter as me

Ezzie x


  1. I remain ever jealous of your life...there better still be the odd little egg when I come over to sleep in my fort x

  2. I want to go to the breakfast club. *she says stamping feet and pouting. Ive heard the most amazing things about it! Stupid Galway and its lack of Breakfast club to eat in when hungover....