Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ten Things

I do love blogger to blogger awards. A chance to build on your existing relationships and an opportunity to forge new blogging friendships. I also like to take the occasional chance to share a bit more of  personal life you you kind people.

The lovely Laura of Glamours Glue was kind enough to tag me in the Kreativ Blogger award so here I am carrying it on. First I tag ten of my favourite bloggers (and I'm trying avoid those who have already been tagged) and then I share with you ten facts about here I go!

Ten bloggers...
Sarah of  My Third Cousin
Rhona of Rose Tinted Uncertainty
Kitty Cat of Red Lemonade
Sarah of The Licentiate
Dawn of Skinni Peach
Sinead of Fashion House and Her Style Diaries
Janey of Noisy Shoes
Lavelle of Kisses and Cross Stitches
Cathy of The Style Strutter
Lorna of Things I Fell In Love With Today

Ten facts...
I really really wish I could be in London today to help Ezzie celebrate her birthday.
I spent yesterday morning working at a Teddy Bear Hospital (as shown on TV3 news, you can see the back of me twice!).
I'm already wondering what I'll be for Halloween.
I wont leave the house without pencilling my eyebrows. Its all about the power brow.
My favourite Disney is The Jungle Book.
I do a face mask and hair mask every Sunday.
If I were to become a collector of anything it would be all the early issues of  The Face involving Kate Moss.
I've never listened to an Oasis album in full.
I cant be in the same room as a Meg Ryan movie.
I'm fascinated by puppets.

Blau x


  1. thanks lady....only seeing this NOW!! its gona be hard to tag folks that havent been tagged already!