Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello, I'd like a sexy Summer face, please

So with Summer looming fast, it comes to the most hypocritical time of year for me. Protecting myself in the sun is a given; I'm Irish- not Hispanic and while I love the feeling of a tan, that beachy tightness on your skin, the few freckles on the nose, I cannot relax knowing the damage I'm doing to my skin. And neither should you.

So I'v been using Becca, a little known Australian Brand that has somewhat of a cult following. The Brand ethos is about creating flawless and natural finish to the skin, making it look amazing. Their USP is a promise to provide a foundation for every skin type. I use their primer (SPF 30) every day, but as the evenings get longer, I'm loving their Shimmering Skin Protector (SPF 25), which basically makes you glow. Use it under your foundation, or on its own with a touch of concealer and blusher for a natural looking Summer glow. It's truly is a beautiful secret weapon we should all sneak into our make up purse.

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Ezzie x

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  1. Nice one - I've been looking for the exact same thing minus the sun damage! x