Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Music plays a large large part in my life but despite tin whistle lessons in school (compulsory) I never really played an instrument as a child. I have an older brother who plays the guitar and drums and has one of those cool track mixers that so must of my early dalliances involved creeping into his room when he was out. I was given a keyboard when I was twelve and I mostly played 'demo' on it. Aged fifteen I asked my brother to teach me to play a few chords on his guitar and well...he wasn't very patient with me and finally excused himself from any further ventures by telling me my were 'too small to play guitar'. So never one to ask for a man's help twice I went and bought myself a harmonica and I've been dabbling with it ever since. Now it's time to nurture my love of the xylophone and thankfully the age of blogs and videos make lessons so much easier

Neopolitan dreams xylophone by tchitcha25

Blau x

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