Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lily; a creature like no other, a pickpocket with an immense sense of adventure. Part Jack Russell and part, well God only knows. Lily is a fearless tree climber and can scale any surface with the ease of a mountain goat. She takes off like a whippet and can be seen leaping the length of the garden like a spring lamb. Her tail is longer than her body, she stands like Charlie Chaplin but spends more time on her hind paws than on all fours. She lives for the chase; be it sock, shoe or kitchen knife if Lily thinks you need it she'll be out the door, item in mouth just waiting to be chased. She's a true street urchin, a scallywag of the highest order. You cant help but love her untamed spirit. They say pets take after their owners but I hope I can take after her.

Blau x

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