Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nailing It

One thing that I've developed along with my Pinterest addiction is a refocus to all the little details that help make or break an overall look. One element which has been until recently largely neglected by myself is the creative field of nail art. I'm subscribed to mistress of quirky miss Zooey Deschanel and my does she know how to work her nails from her tuxedo nails to the adorable Beatles manicure she never fails so buy attention to every detail. Inspired by this my looking for easy and cute ways to update my nail varnish collection with clean pastels, luxurious glitter and jewels. Forget Rimmel just get the Deschanel look.

Blau x

Images via richesforrags, stylecaster


  1. Absolutely love the design in photograph two!

    Unfortunately, I'm not hugely talented in the nail art domain but if you're looking for Irish inspiration check out Dolly Nails -

    - Sinéad x

  2. I really need to start looking after my nails... they're usually the LAST thing I even think of.