Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tonight Matthew...

Autumn Winter really is my favourite fashion season. Spring Summer collections always seen to disappoint somehow. Maybe I find the flimsy materials echo concepts that really lack any real substance; buy a floral tea dress or pastel skirt once and you’re pretty much got the next few years. The same could loosely be applied to Autumn Winter I know; military coats, heritage prints such as plaid, tweed and tartan appear every year but they always seem to have add had more creditable twists made, more varied in their existence and recreation.

When dressing I tend to dress in terms of characters rather than outfits and more times than not the resulting ensemble is a sartorial recreation of whatever song I had on repeat while getting ready. I find it difficult to describe my personal style except in song/band form. It is fun being the girl in the song and well summer songs aren’t my favourite either.

Tonight Matthew I am going to be Mudhoney with fleeting moments of Duran Duran.

Images via Blaubushka tumblr, weheartit, warehouse

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  1. I always feel like more thought/work goes into the AW collections...like you say-a flowery dress and u're sorted for few seasons...