Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leather Weather

Yes, I am suppose to be on a blogging break right now. I am meant to be studying for my college exams and not procrastinating via the Internet. But it's pouring from the heavens and I cant spend my mental break out in the fresh air so here is a very quick little post. I got this divine leatherette monster clutch/laptop cover in the post today and I couldn't wait three whole weeks ti blog about it so here I am. This beautiful piece was made from scratch by a fellow Cork blogger Tar Mar who is selling customised items via paypal. The photo really doesn't do it justice and I really really cant wait to style it. I feel it will fast become a staple piece! I'm also looking forward to many more wonderful pieces from this talented lady.

Outfit shots upon my return!
Blau x


  1. love it, where can I find her stuff??

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