Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lennox Cafe

Hidden away in Dublin's Portobello is the delicious Lennox Cafe which kindly played nurse to my Sunday morning hangover brunch. A haven for foodies and a delight to passer-bys this cafe and bistro showcases the best in modern international cuisine sourced from local ethical providers. I opted for the french toast with wild berries and ice-cream which served as a comforting embrace from a sweet stack of carbohydates with a hint of sharp berry zing.

The bistro is off the main road offering a sense of peace and serenity away from the city hustle. Despite it's almost invisible appearance Lennox Cafe boasts a reputation of excellance which is relfected in its wide range of electic customers. I would advise you to book ahead as crowds are known to gather in line outside the establishment. A must on your next visit to Dublin that's well worth a detour off Camden Street.

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